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Everyone’s aptitude and what they’re after is different, but I think it’s common to find a job where you can work in a stable manner while exercising your capabilities. That’s why I’m interested in acquiring a certificate that is stable and recognized as an expert.

Let’s take a look at various information related to employment of second-class career counselors. There are more kinds of jobs than in the past, and you can make money and realize yourself in various ways. It is the role of a career counselor to help individuals discover and realize their professional aptitude or interest among these various jobs.

It is a test conducted by the Industrial Human Resources Development Corporation and is recognized as a national certificate, so if you acquire it, you can be recognized 여우알바 for your expertise.

It is more difficult to obtain a national certificate than a private certificate, and the treatment of it is certain. In the case of career counselors, they are divided into grades 1 and 2. In the case of Grade II, there is no limit to the application, so anyone who wants to study and acquire it can.

If you get a job counselor’s license, you can work at a public institution or employment center in a local government. Usually, they are in charge of job-seekers’ job-related counseling or inspection or interpretation of where jobs will fit.

You can do things like connecting jobs. Life has a variety of career paths and doesn’t know when and what will happen. You can think of these as jobs that reduce trial and error and help you choose jobs that are more suitable for you.

As the difficulty of finding a job is getting worse, it is also a rewarding job for those who are looking for a suitable job to find a fun and hard-working person.

If you get a second degree job counselor, you will work at public institutions such as the Ministry of Employment and Labor or employment centers, so it is possible to have a stable job.

As employment is difficult, more and more people are looking for other niche markets, acquiring licenses like career counselors, and working as experts or counselors.

There will be people looking for jobs in the future, so it’s a job that doesn’t disappear even in the fourth industrial era and has a good prospect where demand still exists. In the case of an exam, you usually take it four times a year. If you take at least 3 months to 5 or 6 months to study, you will be able to pass.

The written test will test a total of five subjects, including vocational information theory, vocational psychology, vocational counseling, labor market theory, and labor-related laws. Since the questions are multiple-choice questions, the difficulty level is a bit easy, and each of them will be tested for 20 questions for 30 minutes and a total of 100 questions for 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Actually, I can pass the written test just by solving some of the previous questions. If you study like that, you need to know the concepts of the written test subjects so that you can solve the required test questions. There is a situation where difficulty does not pass.

Therefore, to prepare for the practical test, you have to understand the written subjects properly and study the questions of the previously. In the case of practical test questions, there are 18 questions, including case, narrative, and short answer.

A total of 150 minutes are given, and many people with poor basic and concept often find practical tests very difficult. Since it’s not multiple choice, you need to describe and solve the second-degree practical questions of a career counselor to improve your skills.

Some study masters are preparing in a month, but it is recommended that you prepare sufficiently for at least three months. Since you have so much to study, it’s better to study for a certain period of time than to overdo it.

To save time and money, I chose to take a lecture rather than go to an academy. I don’t recommend it because it takes too long to understand and progress on your own, and there is no way to know if you understand it properly.

When I was studying at the right time, I was holding an event where the author took a lecture and provided it free of charge at Naver Cafe Jikjunmo as an educational talent donation. If I only bought the textbook, I could see the lectures.

I didn’t expect much because I was free of charge, but he gave me lectures so that I could hear only the important parts, so I bought the textbook right away and turned the full course from the theoretical part to solving the previous questions.

There are so many new students who are studying for the first time or non-commissioned people who don’t know what’s important and study recklessly. It would be nice to study everything because we have enough time, but we need to focus on the things on the test first to reduce the probability of passing and the scope of study.

It is important to solve many problems mechanically, but it is important to look at the second-level job counselor problem and ask what this problem is and quickly figure out what the point is.

That’s the only way to produce a score that can pass in a short period of time. To do this, it is recommended to study through a systematic and step-by-step curriculum from basic theory to advanced content and solving previous questions.

Usually, you will give up or hesitate to take classes because you feel burdened by the tuition fee that is more than a few hundred thousand won. The author can give lectures at the Jikjunmo Cafe and watch all lectures at the cost of purchasing books, so it is recommended that you listen to them before they disappear.

Professor Kim Duk-hee is especially good at teaching among second-degree professional counselors. To celebrate the opening of the cafe, you can see it free of charge.

If you think about time and health without cost, I think it’s best to study safely at home while watching online lectures.

Since the instructors’ experience is no joke, they know where and how students find it difficult and where they are stuck. It’s a lecture that beginners like me can easily understand, and you know what questions are usually given.

So, you are working on solving the questions with high accuracy rate, and you can make enough points to pass the test if you read them three times from basic theory to solving the questions.

But the problem is that it’s not easy to spin 3 times because the amount is huge. However, it takes a long time to watch from beginning to end during the first reading, so please don’t give up and study until the end.

Since you can see the second-class vocational counselor class at Naver Cafe, you can communicate with other students and there is a separate question board, so you can ask the instructors directly.

When the instructors check it, they reply immediately, so it helped me a lot when I studied. Even when I went to the lecture hall, there were hundreds of students, so I tried to ask because of the long line, but I gave up.

It’s also very inefficient to wait a few minutes to ask a question. Also, the loneliness of sharing information with students and studying alone can be solved considerably, so it is highly utilized in many ways. You can also see sample lectures at the cafe, so please see if you like it.

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