I thought you said crisis was an opportunity

The words of a wise man must be true. It seems like yesterday that I danced with an overwhelming performance, but the situation has changed 180 degrees in just a year. The temperature difference between January 2020 when Boxing Day ended with three consecutive wins and January 2021 when Boxing Day ended with two draws and one loss was sharply divided.”

Looking at the objective indicators, it was Liverpool’s advantage. Liverpool have won five consecutive games against Southampton, giving them the upper hand in other figures, including league averages and goals. Southampton, on the other hand, was out of the game due to injuries to key players such as Redmond and Bestergaard, who have drawn four consecutive games. It was even psychologically difficult for Hasen Whitel’s family to be identified as Corona.

Despite this situation, Southampton managed to capture the top-ranked Liverpool in the league. It would not be unreasonable for coach Hasen Whitel to fall on the ground and shed tears of emotion. Southampton’s fighting spirit nba중계 and cohesion were one step ahead of Liverpool today.
There was no professional center back on Liverpool’s starting list. Central midfielders Jordan Henderson and Fabinho replaced the center back, and midfielders were deployed to Chamberlain, Tiago and Beinaldum, who started after a long time. As usual, the front line and the last line came out.

Southampton scored the first goal in the second minute of the first half. Arnold missed the short ball in a set piece situation, and Danny Ince kicked the ball to the opposite post like a foot volleyball. Arnold’s defense, which had consistently shown defensive instability, was once again under fire, and it was too easy considering that he put a spin on the Word Price ball, which was in charge of set pick. How far will Arnold’s slump end?

Southampton put a lot of pressure from the beginning, reminiscent of Gegenfreshing. Liverpool were embarrassed several times during the build-up process, showing their inexperience and mistakes. Thiago, who was in third place, also failed to produce a smooth ball supply due to pressure from Southampton strikers before finding an offensive stem.

Liverpool improved the rear build-up problem by modifying the three-back that dropped Arnold to the central defensive line in response to Southampton after the middle. However, Gongmi Chamberlain did not show much performance, and Mane and Salah were unable to break through Southampton’s defense, creating a threatening chance.
As soon as the second half began, Liverpool pushed hard. At the beginning of the second half, he took control of the game with a score of 1-9. To add to his personal opinion, failing to score an equalizer at this time eventually led to defeat. If you don’t score a goal when you feel good or when you can create an opportunity, you can’t get good results. Soccer is really a sport.

In the middle of the game, handball fouls and tackles were controversial, but nothing happened. Personally, it is regrettable that the handling foul was forced to be viewed as a VAR-on-field view.

Chamberlain, who was sluggish in the 55th minute of the second half, was out and Shakiri was put in, but there were no other performances. In fact, all Liverpool players had few other performances. It was not until 75 minutes before the first effective shot came out, and Mane, who moved actively from the side, struggled against Walker Peters, and could not find a clue to the attack.(Of course Southampton’s crazy defense played a part.)

In the end, Southampton won 1-0 due to strong pressure in the first half and a stoppage in the second half. I applaud Southampton for their valuable victory in the midst of many bad news.
It is the EPL of Chaos. There is no strong man. There is one sparkling season, two sparkling seasons, and there is one solo performance, but there are two solo performances. That’s why EPL is fun.

Liverpool lost today’s game, opening up a chance to give their pursuers the lead. The gap between first and seventh place is only four points. Considering that some teams have fewer games, it is a gap that can be reversed at any time. Liverpool needs to come up with effective measures, whether they acknowledge the current reality and pursue practical benefits.

There comes a time when you can’t hold it even if you hold it. Because soccer is a sport that people play. Temporary measures are only temporary measures and are not a perfect solution. I think Liverpool is at that point. He somehow blocked the wounded, but could have reached the limit. The priority is to return to Jota, who is responsible for decision-making, and Van Dyke, who is responsible for final defense

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