a high quality gin flavor with a high smell

I tend to take stress relief as a diet

I like to eat a lot of waguwagu, but sometimes

Go to a pretty, nice place and have a good atmosphere

I eat and I release it.

I’ve always had a binge at home because of the city

Binge eating always seems to lead to a slug.

I do not always want to do this, so I have a friend

We will find a restaurant in Daegu and find it

He came back with a meal, and he was in a very high mood

It was the day I had a beer with me.

After I got home and was satisfied

The name of the place I would like to recommend is ‘Mplatz’

The look is pretty good!

I’m going to go to dinner after sunset

It’s already a famous hot place, so people

There was a lot of it, because it was distanced

I was a little weighting inside, and I was sitting

He could have sat down.

It’s a waiter and a house

I sat down, a subtle orange

It was a place where lights glowed, and every table

The lights that are so shaped

He was sitting there! The lights were actually on

It’s safe, too.

The feeling of saving the fashion of Daegu atmosphere restaurant more!

It’s amazing and so beautiful that I can’t even see

I left it behind, but I’m not sure

I think it’s a good fit!

After that, you can set the table

You’re giving me an envelope?

What is this, and I’m looking at it

He told me it was a menu

It’s so cute and throbbing

You’re all right, aren’t you? You’re a very sensible person

I thought it was a menu

the menu board which it nicely folds and enters

I pulled it out and checked it out.

He was with the picture.

Nookies, risottos, lasagnas, pasta menus

I’m here, and I’m taking a picture

There’s a list of ingredients below

It’s a nice cod-style restaurant

I thought about it. The sauce

What source, what ingredients are in it?

You can check in advance, so you can imagine the taste

Arachini, oil pasta, lobster

and then there was Rosepasta.

The menus are different from other places

Daegu atmosphere restaurant because it feels like it is made

I thought I was so good at visiting

The plating is so beautiful, and together

The food that received the lighting is spitting

He’s making me go! I’m gonna go out on the boat

Sounds, but the picture is not

I wanted to leave a hungry ship

so beautiful and beautiful

I left the food in pictures with great effort

The menus ordered are lasagna, Sichuan steak

Oil pasta, two citrus beer.

First of all, Rajanya!

Lazagna is a very rare

It’s a menu, Lagu Bologne, Beshamel sauce,

It’s Italian food for cheese!

Get hot in the 셔츠룸 oven and get out

The delicacy of the cheese

It looks delicious again!

The pasta side inside the lasagna is a little

See? The sauce is also in the air

The cold in the mouth tastes like cheese

The ingredients and ragu sauce

I don’t know how delicious it was!

the hot oven container gives the cooling

I don’t know what Daegu’s restaurant

and he made a great contribution to his enjoyment

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