The embroidery will be made by Du Hwan.
It’s handwriting.

Starting jiujitsu in 2015,
Since 2016, we started to make a uniform with a collaboration project of surfing + jiujitsu.
A clean, fresh uniform full of freshness,
Let me introduce Hwang Doo-hwan’s Jujitsu “Wave Ride” edition.

Let me introduce you to the wave, “White Wave’.
Hwang Doo-hwan Jut Surf Wave Edition
White Wave Color (White)

They are a couple who like jiujitsu enough to train 5 days a week.
Jiujitsu uniform designer, (shipping + packing) )
As a jiu-jitsu player who plays at least twice a month,

I feel a lot of pressure about losing weight.
This time, we made it without the rash guard on the lining.

Especially when you’re rolling in the summer.
The rash guard on the lining of the top feels like it’s getting cold when I sweat!

Light but sturdy.
Compared to the lipstop fabric, it’s soft and the skin can breathe.
I made a top with a magical fabric Pearl Weave.
On the right arm,
The cool waves and the rising sun are beautifully embroidered.
On the other arm.
A nice wave is fluttering.
In this edition of White Wave,
Minimize unnecessary embroidery and fancy patches.
Thinking of the blue sky, the cool waves, and the intense sun.

Use only simple colors such as white + blue + red sunlight
I designed it very neatly.
And on the bottom of the robe,
There’s a beautiful embroidery of “Wave Ride”!

If you tie the belt,
There’s a wave embroidery on the bottom! They can see it.
On a sea that is constantly shaking and changing its direction,
Only by relying on the surfboard.
It’s never easy to balance and ride the waves.

Likewise, when sparring in jiujitsu,
To avoid falling, being swiped, or being attacked excessively,
I think it’s important to balance.

I’m sure our lives are 주짓수 the same, right?

Like the word “overpaid,”
neither too much nor too little.
You keep the middle ground of your life.

A strong mentality that is not easily swayed by what others say,
Stretch your core muscles to maintain balance.

In jiu jitsu,
Let’s enjoy our own waves in our lives!
As you may have noticed,
Do-bok’s beautiful embroidered “wave ride” embroidery is that Du-hwan will be able to do it.
It’s handwriting.

After learning calligraphy design,
night and day
You’ve been practicing your handwriting so hard.
As you may have noticed,
Do-bok’s beautiful embroidered “wave ride” embroidery is that Du-hwan will be able to do it.
It’s handwriting.

He’s been writing great works.
Finally, I’m introducing you to a uniform with calligraphy embroidered on it!

We put in the letters we wrote ourselves.
It’s a beautiful Korean alphabet, so I’m more attached to it.

Pieces, wooden surfboards.
She must be a talented husband with a jiujitsu.
The embroidery on the back of the neck has been done in English.
This time, I specially embroidered Du Hwan’s handwriting.

It’s written here.
It came out as a logo on the uniform! !
with a light pastel-colored sky blue stitch that’s not too much.
Isn’t the beautifully embroidered Korean alphabet so elegant?!
You can think of the actual color as this!
So that you don’t have difficulty attaching patches.
I didn’t put anything in this uniform except for the logo.

It’s a picture of the bottom from the bottom!
Lipstop fabric
Double the knee part so that it doesn’t break easily.
Add Pearl Weave to stretch your pants well.

It’s enough to be used to make a parachute.
It’s made of lip-stop, a tough and sturdy fabric.

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