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When Son Heung-min (29, Tottenham Hotspur) played for Leverkusen in the German Bundesliga in May 2015, he was the best player in the soccer world to be named Cha Bum-geun (68). Sohn Heung-min also said in an interview with the English soccer magazine Popotu at the time, “It is a legend and an idol,” he said, referring to Cha Bum-geun without hesitation.

But the mood changed little by little after Son Heung-min joined English Premier League (EPL) Tottenham in August of that year, three months later. Son Heung-min received global attention with a record 30 million euros (40.3 billion won) transfer fee, the highest ever for Asian players.

The past six years after the transfer of Tottenham have proved that he is one of the best players in Korean football. Sohn Heung-min’s name is mentioned the most as the best player in Korean soccer. Transfermarkt, a site that mainly deals with player transfer information, set Son Heung-min’s estimated transfer fee at 90 million euros (about 122.8 billion won). Son Heung-min’s transfer fee was estimated to have more than tripled in six years.
The record and award history at EPL so far is remarkable: He has scored 66 goals and 37 assists in 185 games in six seasons. In his games, the team had 105 wins, 37 draws and 43 losses. He has 13 goals and 8 assists in 25 EPL games this season, including two assists written in Burnley’s home game (4-0 win) on the 1st (Korea time). Son Heung-min scored 103 goals in six seasons after moving to Tottenham.

It is noteworthy that he is showing off his league-class scoring ability as a winger, not an authentic striker; he has grown into a world-class striker who has been skilled for six years and is now difficult to find weakness. Following the rapid speed and agility of beating defenders, sprints, sensible moves to dig into the defensive void, and finishes, he has also been recognized for his wide field of view and pass ability, raising double-digit help every year for the past four years.

As a runner, Son is like a player who is good at both short distances and long distances. He also has the strength to play long on the ground while speeding fast. Tottenham coach Jose Mourinho (58) played 120 minutes in the Everton game on the 11th and 90 minutes in the Man City game on the 14th (0-3 loss) on the 11th, regarding Son Heung-min’s physical strength shortly after the first leg of the Europa League 32 with Wolfsberger on the 19th of last month. “I’ve run over twenty-eight kilometers. People who haven’t played soccer will think about half of the marathon, but football is not a track and field event.
Sohn Heung-min was ranked fourth in the EPL scoring category as of the 1st, four goals behind Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah (29), who finished first with 17 goals. He had both feet free and combined with his header ability: eight of the 13 goals he scored in the league were right foot, four left foot, and one goal as headers. Of the 47 shootings, 25 percent of the total number of shots is 26. Son Heung-min, who has 0.52 goals per game, is unlikely to lose his scoring momentum. There is no law that says, Don’t get a fantastic score like a 70m run goal against Burnley in December 2019, when Son Heung-min won the FIFA Pushkashi Award.

Han Joon-hee (51), KBS soccer commentator, also praised Son Heung-min’s scoring momentum. “It’s enough,” Han said, referring to the paper’s question on the possibility of scoring in the early and mid-season, “and the variable is that other teams feared to counterattack Son Heung-min and Harry Kane (28) can play Seeley football to avoid giving them more and more opportunities.”

Son Heung-min has been playing steadily on the EPL stage. It is not easy to play 스포츠중계 consistently for six years in the EPL, which is famous for having the most physical fights among the European big leagues and fast-tracking games.After joining Tottenham, Son has played up to 50 games in around 40 games each year, and if he is not injured, Son will continue to run.

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