to check out the alcohol and cheese in the inside

I like the neighborhood I live in.

There are so many places to eat

I don’t have 셔츠룸 to go far for dinner

There are so many nice places around

I mean, I’m not gonna be able to go out for a beer

There is quite a lot to think about, so there is no need to think about where to go

The Jungja-dong pub in Bundang last Sunday evening as the weekend’s finish

I just wanted to enjoy a beer

I visited a pub called Double Tab

This place is about a month old restaurant

I found him walking around the neighborhood

I came here because I thought there was a place like this

The other side is a mountain view on a big road, so the atmosphere

I visited because I thought it would be very quiet and fine

It’s just been open, so I’m just thinking

an interior that would be on a boulevard

When I finished eating, the lights inside the store

It’s quite noticeable, but it looks more beautiful thanks to the singing

The entrance has a menu on the signboard

handmade beer is the main. And for the other meal and snack

Pasta and pizza, etc., seem to be selling in various ways

When you go inside, you’re going to have a really cozy interior

I think this is the feeling of Koji.

the heavyness of the wood and the bright and light color of the wall

Even during the day, the objects themselves are so beautiful

When the lights went on as it darkened

It’s more beautiful and it’s a space you want to come in

There’s a table of two people out there

If the day is so much later and it is good in the evening

where I decided to come back and have a drink

A kind boss brought me a menu

I’ll pick what to eat-

Simply drink a glass of beer in a cool way

We found a snack to eat, and we each

I ordered an Old Rasputin handmade beer

I’m thinking of eating pizza for a beer snack

the tooth barta is additionally made in the Korean beef cattle gratin

We agreed to enjoy it together

Because I love Grattan

Besides, I can’t eat Hanwoo

I’m not sure if bottled beer

It’s on the display, and it’s on the display

The names of each beer are on it.

Is this the first beer you’ve ever seen?

They all want to taste it once

I’m not sure if this is the identity of this place

the pattern of the flowing cheese

The pizza is a good place, so

I could see this identity sign in the store from a distance

And finally, I got two beers I ordered

Handmade draft beer was really long since I had a great expectation.

Barley color beer on the left doubles

And the black beer on the right is a kid named Old Rasputin

Each one tasted each other

I’m surprised that both of these are so delicious

Especially since I have a soft neck over my black beer

I’m a big drinker of black beer

That old rasputin is a very strong

My neck is so soft that it’s my style

Is it supposed to be this fresh?

It’s a clear taste with the scent of flowers

I really need to eat this

while we were talking about the beer and the taste

Hanwoo gratin appeared

Before I ordered, I asked if there was rice in Hanwoo gratin

I told him it was good not to go in

Under this cheese-covered cheese film

Hot hot Hanwoo bulgogi will explode

I ordered a chiabatta together, and when it came out like this

I didn’t know the importance of this toothbath

I think I’m too good to make you do it

I’m gonna have to get that gratin back to the cheese

I wanted to leave a whole picture, so I took an Avengers shot

Each dish is so beautiful that it is very good

If you’re good at something, you’ll have a star-studded picture of Gamseong

The spoon and fork seem to be Brazilian, but they are quite light

So I love the grip when I catch it

I’m not sure I’m gonna have to eat

I think it’s a very proper weight and grip

I think you’ve been carefully examining this sense and preparing it

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