It has the advantage of being able to operate until late afternoon as well as the interior effect.

The most popular bakery cafe on social media these days is
How emotional is the essential interior concept?
Or it depends on whether it’s hot.

Well, as much as the photos go viral,
How eye-catching the interior is.
It could lead to sales.
Of course, the bakery they sell should taste good.
These days, you can’t ignore the attractiveness of space.
I don’t think so.

At the regular bakery & cafe show fair,
Not only various products but also interior design trend
A lot of people are going to see it because I can check it out.

Today, Sun Vest specializes in evening interior design.
Bakery Cafe is a must-have interior.
Let’s talk about the picture of the rooftop anning.

Spring comes and warms the air rather than indoors.
Many people want to sit on the terrace and enjoy coffee.
Besides, there’s a corona issue.
You’re going to find a rooftop or a cafe with a good terrace.
The number of customers is expected to increase significantly.

If you use skyning to decorate the rooftop,
The interior effect, as well as the late afternoon,
It has the advantage of being able to operate.

Unlike a regular tent, it has a built-in bulb.
I don’t need any extra lights.
It is an interior product that is highly utilized at night.

One of the most popular items in the house yard terrier with Sunroom Pagora.
Skyning has been completed. Each has its own pros and cons, but the ceiling can be opened and closed.
Many people are asking about skyning. Today, Taebaek rural house in 스카이어닝 Gangwon-do,
I’ll post the skyning construction site.
Our gatekeeper visits and proceeds directly from the estimate to the actual construction AS.
Below is a construction photo.
This is a picture after the construction is complete.
Skyning basically looks like an outer terrace.
It’s an open space.
The biggest difference between skyning and sunroom is…
It’s whether the ceiling is open or closed.

This is the first photograph of Skyning’s skeleton.
You can feel a cooler feeling of openness than the sun room.
Because it can be burdensome in terms of management,
There are pros and cons of each.
After finishing the skeleton work,
Installing folding door
a side view
The landlord wanted a clear sense of openness.
The ceiling and the front side are all open.
This is what it looks like when you open the sides.
There’s the main entrance to the left, the mortis lock door.

Maybe you’re running a bakery cafe.
Roof top interior if newly opened
It will be helpful if you complete it with skyning.

This scene lasted into the night, but there’s more pictures left.
Let’s have a time to explain in more detail next time!

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