You’ll be happy with 10,000 won, which you’ll remember for a long time.

At night of Busan trip, yacht tour The Bay 101 night view attraction course.

When you go to Busan, you can hear the word ‘warm southern country’. Even if the midday temperature was completely springy, the metropolitan area used to feel relieved when they wore a thin coat and left the door, but Busan needed a coat only during the night of the yacht tour.~Feverseemi (2021.4.2) ~

I went to Busan early in the morning after a long time. I wanted to see the cherry blossom landscape, so I was on my way to adjust my schedule, but the cherry blossoms were already ending, and I wonder if it was too early for me to change the flower spots.It was empty. It was comforting to see tulips, daffodils, and rape flowers on a small scale at Daejeo Ecological Park.

  1. Daejeo Ecological Park

I searched several places to see the cherry blossoms in Busan, and the flower condition I saw on SNS was far from reality. One of them was Daejeo Ecological Park. It was one of the most famous cherry blossom spots, but the park was filled with cherry blossom trees as it passed the cherry blossom ending and even the flower rain blew.

I thought I’d turn the car around in disappointment, but I looked around looking for rape flowers while I was warm. It was a day when a mini garden was built on the lower side of the bamboo forest, so it was less regrettable.

The red tulips were bright and vivid, and the surrounding area was covered with tricolored petals. Viola, which bloomed on the ground like a chaesonghwa, is a flower called a tricolored violet, resembling a violet.

The tulips with plump flower beds were quite large. I felt like I was growing up in the middle of the day without filtering.

The mini garden wasn’t that big, but it was an oasis-like flower garden for me when I visited spring flowers.

Daejeo Ecology Park has 800,000 pyeong of soccer, baseball and tennis courts, wetlands and rape flower complexes. On the side of the cherry-blossom-flowering hillside, there was a bamboo grove and a walking style along the side road. It’s a forest road that’s good to take a short walk through Busan.

Daejeo Ecology Park has a garden path with flowers, a golden euksae-gil, a pink euksae-gil, and a pattern euksae-gil. It’s a great trail to walk along the trail. It was an open shelter as a leisure space for citizens.

  1. Oryukdo Skywalk

Sea view, yellowish daffodils… It’s a view of Oryukdo Skywalk. I ran to hear that there would be a daffodil late, and I was satisfied that I could see it without regret. It was a scene that I would have been disappointed if I hadn’t seen it before.

On this day, I ran to see the flowers bloomed in the park before the skywalk. I’m so glad to see the yellow daffodils in the park. I didn’t think I’d see it this year, but it was a pleasant trip to Busan to see the ending of the daffodils.

Daffodils were popular on this day. Less than that, rape flowers.But it was a lucky day to see two flowers. Oryukdo Island is a marine protected area including the surrounding waters.

  1. Monument Culture Village

On the way to Gamcheon Culture Village, I stopped by Biseok Culture Village. It is a place where sculptures of male and female high school students are placed on chairs and the scenery reminiscent of the second Gamcheon Culture Village has been unfolded. It was named after the Japanese people who lived together during Japanese colonial era, creating a cemetery and building a monument.

With the head of Gamcheon 2-dong in between, the monument culture village next to Gamcheon Culture Village has murals, ceramic tiles, and sculptures to be a photo zone along the village road.

  1. Yongdusan Park

Yongdusan Park was reminiscent of Yongdusan Elegy in the aftermath of a program. The song that starts with a sad melody naturally became interested in Yongdusan Park. There is a 49m tall Busan Tower.

A long time ago, many people came and went to Busan for a travel course, but this time, the scenery was even worse than the last time.

Large rabbits and moons are on display in the square, and you can see them until May 2. If you press the red switch opposite the sculpture, the light turns on brightly and becomes a photo zone.

I saw the last camellia of this year on the Yongdusan Park Trail. It was a camellia tree just blooming. The flowers were small because they were native camellias.

Busan is more colorful at night than during the day, so it’s good to enjoy the whole trip to Busan. On this day, we had dinner early and headed to Sooyoungman Yacht Stadium to ride the yacht at 7 o’clock. I made a reservation in advance, so I was waiting in front of the 4th post of the yacht stadium 15 minutes before departure. I realized the popularity of the yacht because many people were waiting.

As we headed to the yacht gate on time, Elba 45 came in for us. The new 2020 French luxury yacht with a two-story lounge has a slim and smooth design. The appearance of the yacht was very different from what I knew before. It looked like a sports car when compared to a car.

When I entered the room, I wore slippers and a life jacket and packed a blanket. After that, I sat freely where I wanted to sit and waited for my departure. The interior is new, and the vinyl cover is not taken off. It was a luxury yacht with heating because it was made of teak wood.

When I went out to the sea by boat at 7 o’clock, I could see the night view attractions in Busan. I have been on several yacht tours in Busan before, but the night lights on the night sea were always romantic.

The colorful night view of Gwangan Bridge, Busan’s famous night view, as well as Marine City, Dongbaek Island, The Bay 101, Gwangan Bridge, Gwangan Beach, and Waterfront Park.

Gwangan Bridge is a sea bridge that crosses the coast of Gwangan-ri, Busan, and is 7.4km long. It’s the same place as the trademark of Busan.

The colorful colors of Gwangan Bridge, which changes as if it were about to die as the yacht moves, were the point where you could enjoy the fun of night view attractions just by looking at it.

It’s a night yacht tour, so I dressed up more, but the night breeze wasn’t that cold, so I stayed on deck all the time during the yacht tour.

On this day, there were some passengers on a family basis, but there were many lovers who usually enjoyed dating, and I sometimes saw friends from the club. They lived in different places and went on different yacht tours, but they were on the same boat during the tour. I enjoyed the beauty of my trip to Busan.

The day the waves were silent. The boat was not shaken by the current, so I was able to take pictures from place to place on the yacht. It was a strong yacht without a sound.

The 밤투어 대체사이트 highlight of the Busan yacht tour was fireworks. The yachts from Yacht G gathered and set off fireworks. It was a fireworks show at night sea. Watching a fireworks show popping up into the black night sky, I remembered Hanabi that I saw on a yacht trip in Japan a long time ago. It was a night of memories.

I hope you took a good picture.The moment I wanted to… I should have caught the moment of the beautiful flame. It was still a long way to go to the skill.

The yacht tour in Busan took about an hour. We enjoyed the night view in our own way in a comfortable place. It was a rich time with the lighting of a dark night. It was a more romantic tour at night than during the day.

The Busan Night View Hotple is the course of The Bay 101. The light from the black darkness was a beautiful sea. The last time I went there, I took a night view photo at The Bay 101, and it was the most brilliant hot dog in the night view. If you travel to Busan, enjoy the romance of the night with your yacht. You’ll be happy with 10,000 won, which you’ll remember for a long time.

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