Aroma oil gives me a good aroma and a different feel afterwards.

Because of frequent use of laptops these days, turtle necks are getting worse and neck shoulder pain is so severe that meticulous business trip guidance was urgently needed.

I’m so overwhelmed that the massage is always more muscle-tight, and it’
I prefer Swedish business trip massage, which relaxes muscles with moderate pressure and soft touch. I heard that there is a shop specializing in Seonneung Station business trip massage, which is full of professional education and continuous training to maintain tradition.

It was called Inner Ark Pulnisterapy located on the second floor of Hotel Newb, and it was quite a big company with Apgujeong headquarters.
It was believed that the same boss was operating the place with professional managers through the same education and training.
Plus, it’s been loved for 10 years.
a place of tradition

Hotel Newb was a good and accessible location to visit anywhere because it was very close to Exit 3 of Seonneung Station.

Since I’m on the second floor of the hotel, I think it’ll be good to stop by, and I feel like I’m coming here for a vacation, so I feel like I’m traveling.

Sunneung Station, where the harmony between the entrance of the navy tone and the stone was chic, has a business trip, Inner Ark Pulnisterapy.

Coming inside, the cozy yet emotional mood was a relaxing place for the mind and body even before the care was received.

The candles were burning, and the oil for the care I’m going to receive today is on the counseling table, so the atmosphere is up.

And these days for immunization, the situation is very tight that you’re doing carefully and disinfection.
As soon as he came in, he quickly sterilized his hands.
The sense of giving away hand cream, saying it can be dry after hand disinfection.
Hand cream is also great for Aveda.

The care I received on this day was a combination of dryness and aroma with body pulnisterapy. You can decide on the pressure after consulting. No worries.
I said it in a very subtle way.

And choose between Abeda oil and 100% natural jojoba
I’m going to blend it in with almond oil for a business trip, and it was a pleasure to choose the oil.

I chose Abeda Bergamot oil because I wanted to feel fresh and sweet.
If you choose this oil, you can blend it into natural oil and use it directly for my care time to massage.

Select the oil and move to the single room where I’ll be cared for.

It was so nice to have a single room. Almost like a hotel
She’s got a disposable underwear, a dental kit, and a shower towel.

Shower rooms come with single rooms, so you can get a massage and wash your wet hair or tight body if you feel uncomfortable.
I wash my hair and go out.

Aveda Shampoo Conditioner Shower Gel is also in the shower room.
It almost feels like it’s run by Abeda.

And dry hair and cotton swabs to dry. Even skin toner and moisturizing lotion are from Aveda.
It smells so fresh and nice.

You can take off your clothes and store them in this personal cabinet.
Change into disposable underwear, take it off, put on a gown, press the bell, and the caretaker will come in about 5 minutes later.

Not particularly photographed while receiving.
The manager was taking care of me, so I couldn’t film anything.
I’m also a member of Mureungdo, so escape my soul.

I just took a picture of the smooth, shiny legs afterwards.

Certainly, it smells good and feels different after finishing a business trip with natural oil and Abeda aroma oil, not synthetic oil.

Sweden’s business trip massage is cool and refreshing, but it’s really moisturizing, so I wore a short skirt, and it felt great to have my legs out.

It’s a lot of moisturizing care, so remember this part, ladies.

Eighty minutes of sleep, good lymphatic circulation, and the magic of the face.

Even in the dark, your eyes should wake you up.

When I got out of my care, I heard that you can choose the drink you want from the magic 출장안마 fridge.
I’m a ferry lemon-flavored gettin’
I’d like to have a nice and fresh ferry massage for a business trip to Sweden.

If you’re looking for a luxurious place to go on a business trip to Seonneung Station, I strongly recommend Inner Arc Pulnisterapy.
In these days, especially around the clock, there are virus-blocking devices and disinfection equipment, which are the best hygienic companies to disinfect every day, but the entrance is clean and the atmosphere is so luxurious that I couldn’t recommend it.

The shower room and Aveda products were available, so it was great to go to an appointment or an important place right after the care. Sweden’s business trip massage is the best.

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