8818 is a complex food and beverage culture space where various chefs gather to showcase drinks and food.

I ate Pyeongyang naengmyeon at Gyogwan Seogwanok, and my friend took me to 8818 which is a Gyogyo station Gangnam Pool Sarong.
I miss Seongsu-dong’s emotions because there aren’t many pretty Gangnam pool salons here.

Anyway, I love the 8818 we’ve been to.
From interior to atmosphere, it was a great place.
It would be nice to go on a blind date.
It’s so boring to find a good place to visit because it’s right near Seogwan Myeonok, but I really liked the exterior of Gyodae Station Gangnam Pool Salon.

You have to check the inside and heat, and the first floor was operated as a fusion bistro underground Gangnam Pool Sirlong.

The chair looked uncomfortable, but when I sat down, it wasn’t that uncomfortable.

The plant interior in the middle is the point.
Feeling good thanks to moderately dark illumination, red lights and not too loud music.

It’s a perfect place for a date. I want to go to Gangnam Pool Salon again.

Gangnam Pool Salon is only open until 7:30 pm.
And there’s a couple of desserts and a caramel set.

There’s a lot of dessert and I wanted to have a cake and wine, but there’s no cake, so I’m just going to have a Gangnam Pool Salon without any snacks.

But Gangnam Pool Salon is really pretty.
There’s wine, there’s beer, there’s a lot of liquor, but I can’t get a drink menu because I’m too excited.
Most of the Gangnam Pool Sirlon liquor at Gyodae Station is around 10,000 won.
Please refer to that. Glass wine is 7,000 won.

Please refer to the Gangnam Full Sirlon menu.
Simple side dishes are just vegetable sticks and olives and things like that.

It’s a good atmosphere. Maybe it’s because it’s a little bright at this time, but a lot of people come on dates to enjoy Friday night.

It’s good to have a light beer in Gangnam Pool.

Take a quick shot when there’s no one around.
I’d run around all alone and ask what kind of kid’s here.

8818 is a complex food and beverage culture space where various chefs 강남풀싸롱 gather to showcase drinks and food.

The fourth floor is a hostel, and the fifth floor is a lounge-type shared office.

It’s a place with a lot of space and cleanliness.
I love this neat, easy-to-stay space these days.

And non-alcoholic. We drank classic and signature on this day.

You told me to take the ice from the top. I wanted to take a picture of you. I took a picture for a long time. It’s true that the ice is being taken with a recording hand.
But he couldn’t get it.

There’s a bathroom downstairs, so I stopped by, and it’s bistro downstairs.
People are having so much fun talking about it that I want to go there later and smell like fish, and I want to eat it.

It’s good to come here for coffee at Gyodae Station Gangnam Pool Salon, but it’s even better to be in the dark.
It’s the same place. It’s nice to have a Gangnam Pool Salon.
I’ll go again next time.

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