First of all, the mid-term process will be skipped

I’ve been looking into Shinhan Mycar’s loan

I don’t know how many more stores I’ve been to.

Every time I went there, I always thought about it

I guess I bought a decent car in this condition

It’s worse than it is now

It was judged that the situation would get very worse.

In Sadanica, which I thought was the last

The car I wanted from the beginning

You were able to receive the full amount through the conditions without any burden.

So today, I’m going to talk to people who are in a similar situation

The story that I bought a used car will help

I thought about it, so I wrote a review.

First of all, I got to know Tadanica

It was purely through internet reviews.

First of all, I don’t think I’m good at credit management

That’s why there was a community that first joined

People like me are usually here

I was able to share all the information about my situation.

Among them, Shinhan Micar’s loan story

It’s been mentioned a lot. One of them said it’s okay

He wrote a recommendation to visit there, so his name is

I remember it every time. First of all, it’s very close to home

It wasn’t me, so it was hard for me to go for a consultation.

But I went around all the stores near my house

I don’t have much income I saw something I read before

I started to think about it one by one.

That’s why I came to visit Ssadanika this time.

Of course, I didn’t go there by myself

Since it’s the first car, everyone around here knows quite a bit about this

I came to go with my brother because I thought it would be good to go with someone I know.

But when I got to the used car store, I took out my own Shinhan Mycar loan

I visited various stores to find out. There’s no false sales here

I felt like it was a pretty good place. For now, it’s huge

There were a lot of cars. And before I visited Sadanica

The distance isn’t very close, so I can’t just go there

I went to a café that is officially run here.

Even there, a professional dealer uploaded all the information about the vehicle

They did. But if you put up one car information

You said there are dozens more of them

I could expect this place to be bigger than I thought.

It was much bigger than I expected when I went there.

There are so many different kinds of vehicles, and there are just a few thousand

It wasn’t me, but they all looked very good.

This is a vehicle that has been thoroughly inspected

It was because it was provided to the visiting customer.

When they first introduced it to the dealer, the consumer gave it to the dealer

A car that was flooded to avoid being tricked into buying

You have to look at a specific part to check the history of the accident

He told me. So I was surprised at first sight.

It’ll be too much for Shinhan Mycar’s loan

Even so, I had faith in choosing a second-hand car

I just wanted to buy a car here.

Honestly, what I’m most worried about when I buy second-hand cars is

You don’t know what came to me before.

And just because you’re cheap doesn’t mean it’s all good

If you don’t thoroughly check the condition of the vehicle

Later, more repair costs

He said there’s a possibility of him coming out. But Sadanica

Just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean we bring it all in

It’s much more detailed than the methods you’ve taught me

After a thorough examination, I’ll go back to the store

I check everything. That’s why we only have items for sale

There are a lot of cars here, but they’re all in the same condition

I think it looked pretty good. There is also a refund system.

First of all, sell vehicles that have been flooded by consumers

If I give you the mileage that I lied to or had an accident

He said he would return all the money at 100% and give you all the compensation.

At first, the dealer mentioned the story

I guess so, but I wasn’t thinking too much

I was writing a contract and I was surprised to find it all of a sudden.

When I read it again, it was 100% for consumers.

And I’ll never sell anything like that, so I’ll be confident about it first

I think it was very reliable because it was clearly stated.

Also, the reason why Shinhan Mycar’s loan conditions are so good is because of consumers

Without any intermediate process, no burden at all

We’re looking for an internal installment plan to help you make the purchase possible

I was running it all by myself. Thanks to you, the approval rating is high

It was quite famous.

The dealer isn’t that serious

He reassured me that it wasn’t a big deal

To be honest, I didn’t expect the limit to be this high

I had to wait for about seven hours, so I had enough

It was amazing to check it out. But when you buy a car

The most important thing to think about is interest rates.

This place is cheaper than other places.

First of all, the mid-term process will be skipped

I don’t think it was more burdensome. I don’t need to pay in full

I didn’t want it. I got everything that came out first

Later, I was introduced to the car I wanted in detail, so I finally succeeded in purchasing it.

But I don’t think it would have 휴대폰소액결제 been possible if the market price wasn’t good.

The dealers already have a good network

Unlike ordinary consumers like us, they sell good products at a low price

He told me to get it. But in the case of Sadanika

There’s a lot of hard work going on, and there’s a lot of benefits

You won’t have anything to say even if you take care of it. It’s almost the same.

That’s why I went to a lot of different stores and talked about the market price

I knew it very well. If I looked into it at another store

I might not have been able to buy the car I’m riding now.

But I bought it very well because it’s a cheap car here.

We’re going to do everything we can for the consumer

I feel like I’m giving up and offering it at a cheap price, so anyone can pay quite a bit for the introduction

I thought you’d receive a lot, but it wasn’t like that.

You’re the only one who received everything I received before

It’s 100,000 won for domestic cars and 200,000 won for foreign cars

The only thing I bought this time was a suv car and it was only 150,000 won.

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