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The Ministry of National Defense’s prosecution team investigating the death of a non-commissioned officer of the Air Force victim of sexual harassment confiscated the mobile phone of Jeon Ik-soo, head of the legal office at the Air Force headquarters, who has been cited as the “superior”of the alleged botched investigation into the case, but it has been confirmed that it has yet to analyze the contents.

In this regard, some point out that there is a limit to the investigation because Jeon is currently a “Insider.”.

According to military officials on the 29th, the Ministry of National Defense’s 휴대폰정보이용료 prosecution team also secured Jeon’s mobile phone during a raid on the offices of law office officials at the Air Force headquarters on the 16th.

Jeon is the chief executive officer of the Air Force’s prosecution, who was suspected of poor initial investigation when the deceased Air Force sergeant reported sexual harassment in early March this year when he was working for the 20th Fighter Wing.

In particular, Jeon is known to be a lawyer for the sexual harassment assailant, Sergeant Jang, alumni of law school and a military lawyer, raising suspicions that he “may have been involved in the investigation process from the beginning of the sexual molestation case.”.

In response, the prosecution team of the Ministry of National Defense also tried to examine the contents of the former chief’s mobile phone through digital forensics to investigate related suspicions, but it was reportedly delayed due to a series of procedural problems.

Defense Ministry spokesman Bu Seung-chan confiscated Jeon’s cell phone at a regular press briefing on the day, but explained, “I have yet to open it because I asked him to attend (digital forensics).”.

When an investigative agency obtains a search warrant and tries to examine the contents of a mobile phone through digital forensics, the party or lawyer may request a “reference.”. This is to prevent the information found by the investigative agency from being used for separate investigations, not charges specified in the warrant.

However, Jeon is currently a suspect, so the charges are not specified. In addition, a military general such as Jeon is a “high-ranking public official”set by the Act on the Establishment and Operation of the Criminal Investigation Office of High-Ranking Officials (High-Ranking Officials Act), so it is not easy for the prosecution of the Ministry of National Defense to specify the charges and turn him into a suspect.

In a related move, Jeon reportedly expressed discontent over the Defense Ministry’s prosecution’s earlier raid on his office and others, saying, “It may violate the Senior Civil Servant Corruption Investigation Agency Act,” and did not respond to the prosecution’s summons of witnesses for the same reason.

The current Senior Civil Servant Corruption Investigations Unit Act stipulates that “if other investigative agencies recognize crimes committed by high-ranking government officials in the process of investigating crimes, they should immediately notify the investigation office.”. The Senior Civil Servant Corruption Investigations Unit should reply to the relevant investigative agency whether to initiate an investigation into the case notified like this.

In a related move, the Ministry of National Defense informed the Senior Civil Servant Corruption Investigations Unit that “the prosecution team’s internal investigation into Jeon is under way”on the 18th, two days after the raid on the former chief’s office, and is currently waiting for a reply

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